Google – World Domination

June 12, 2006

Google is rolling out new services as if there would be no tomorrow. Now they have recently launched Google Spreadsheet – an online spreadsheet application. What is Google planning for? Total world domination? Jokes apart, but the speed at which Google is introducing new application may be the cause of worry for a few companies (you know what I am talking about…). Just have a look at the Google Labs page and you will understand the situation. They have applications for almost any purpose. The question arises – "Why is Google introducing new applications so fast?" Well, we can only guess.

My first guess (may sound weird) is that Google has too much money and cannot figure out the way to spend it. That's why they have rolled out an "almost useless service" named Google Mars. I mean who wants (apart from a few crack headed scientists) to know that how many holes the surface of mars has?

My second guess is that Google wants to dominate the Internet world. They have rolled out the best web-based e-mail service, their search engine is second to none and they have numerous AJAX based online applications that behave like desktop applications (Notebook, Reader, Page Creator, Writely, Spreadsheet, Maps…).

And a website (The Register) even says that Google is planning for "Orbital Mind Control". It may sound impossible and you might even say " oh, come on, Google won't do that, you dumb man", i would suggest you to look at the image below which the website says "The proof for this diabolical scheme for world domination (operational mantra: "If it can't be indexed it must be destroyed") comes from a photograph of a whiteboard in the Google Campus' "Building 43" – the cyber-equivalent of Area 51, which acts as the search monolith's black ops brainstorming facility".

So, the question arises "What should we do?". The answer is simple: just wait for Google to launch more applications that make our life easier and better (not for some IT companies, the heads of which might be tearing their hair apart). Afterall, in this "almost full-scale cold war" between these IT companies, the one who stand to gain the most are the users. So, cheers! We don't have anything to lose (unless you are one of the heads of those IT companies). Just pray that Google does not launches "Orbital Mind Control"… Blogged by Chandan Singh


Fifa World Cup – Day 1

June 10, 2006


 Philipp Lahm, right, opened the scoring just six minutes into the match with a beautiful hook that found the upper right corner.

They say records are made to be broken and Day 1 of the greatest show ever saw many records being broken. It started as early as the 6th minute when Germany's defender Philip Lahm hit a mind blowing strike to put the home side ahead against Costa Rica. The goal was the earliest goal in the World Cup.

Also he joined countrymen Josef Gauschel (1938), Paul Breitner (1974) and Jurgen Klinsmann (1994) as Germans who have scored the opening goal in a World Cup edition.

Costa Rica pulled a goal back through Paulo Wanchope in the 12th minute. The goal still remains controversial as some say he was offside.

The hosts went ahead in the 17th minute through Miroslav Klose, who was enjoying his 28th birthday. He scored again in the 61st minute.

Wachope hit another goal in the 73rd  and became the first Costa Rican player to have netted in more than one World Cup edition and joined Ronald Gomez as the only Costa Rican players to have scored more than one World Cup goal.

Torsten Frings hit a goal for the host side and ensured the win inthe 87th minute.

Final result –> Germany 4-2 Costa Rica.

The 4-2 result marked the most productive opening match in World Cup history.

Also Germany continued a tradition of undefeated host nations in their first match in a World Cup finals. The Germans have now triumphed in their initial match in each of the last five World Cups.

Germany might have got the World Cup festivities rolling with a 4-2 win over Costa Rica on Friday, but a shaky defense could be trouble for the Germans in the end. No wonder their own Country Men have lost faith in their team !!

As for the other match, Ecuador thumped Poland 2-0. Read more here.
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Should President Kalam take a bus ride next?

June 9, 2006

Our President


OK. Let's say the obvious things about the President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam's 30-minute sortie on the Sukhoi 30-MKI. Yes, he realised a childhood dream after 50 years. Yes, it is a matter of pride that at the age of 75, we have a supreme commander fit enough to fly 7 kilometres above earth in a supersonic fighter aircraft. Yes, it is a real privilege to become the oldest Indian and the first President to do so.

But Star News is angry at the President's Sukhoi caper. Its anchor and reporters thundered away that money was wasted on the airshow and the flight, on a day when another MiG fighter aircraft had crashed. Its reporters, doing piece-to-cameras from a bus and a train, said that the President would have done better to have ridden a suburban train or public bus to experience what commuters suffered.

What do you think? Was the President's flight a good, positive thing, something that will encourage youngsters to join the armed forces? Or was it just a nice photo-op for the Indian Air Force that is battling a severe crisis of credibility on the MiG issue?

Two more days.

June 7, 2006

FiFa World Cup 2006 Germany

Just two more days remain for the greatest, the biggest, the mightiest show on earth to begin. The final preparations are being made for the FIFA World Cup 2006. FIFA has allowed players to be replaced only upto 24 hours before the starting of the event. Will Sven Goran Ericsson replace Rooney? All these questions will be answered in a few hours time.

Its estimated that 5 billion people will watch the show. Thats more than two thirds the population of earth. Since the matches will be streamed online and you can watch them here . Some weirdos predict that this might cause a global Internet meltdown. Internet Meltdown my arse.

Regarding the teams and players, the hottest news is that Rooney is recovering well and will undergo a scan today. Surely, he wont play the opening match. Crouch will be in the starting eleven. Ronaldo has said that he is fit and is now looking forward to play. Argentina's sensation Lionel Messi is fit and played in a game 2 days ago. He is also a star to watch out for.

People, hold your breaths, get your beer ready and pack your wives off to their momma's house. The World Cup is on!

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The Number of the Beast

June 6, 2006

Here's a message to those assholes who believe in "666 theory" – Fsck off. For those who aren't on speaking terms with 666, meet him here.

I went around the Internet looking for information regarding 666 and came across a couple of sites which tried to "predict" who the Antichrist was, is or will be. These sites also tried to predict the nature of the mark. A small message to these sites : fsk off.

What all these sites had in common was this – they all tried to blame technology for the Apocalypse, whenever it might decide to wake up from it's quintillion year slumber. Some said that the Mark will be a chip embedded in the person's skin, or a tattoo on the skin of the person. Some said the Mark might be a credit card number, for witout the mark none can buy or sell. Some tried to blame the Internet and call it the beast (yeah, suck my ass). I have one BIG message for these people : fsk off.

The story is fake, fiction, fantasy. Nothing is true. In fact, nothing in any of the religious texts is true. Science still hasn't proved how somebody can walk on water, fly or make boulders float on water by writing somebody's name on them. They're all just big stories written to keep ignorant people under control, and are quite irrelevant in today's world. If anyone believes them, then he's a complete asshole. Apocalypse has been predicted by so many people so many times, but it has as yet failed to show it's face anywhere. So, people of Earth (and those living in 666Land), sleep in peace. The Devil has better things to do than practice arithmetic on people's hands and foreheads.


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About the MC-tek Blog

June 4, 2006

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