The Number of the Beast

Here's a message to those assholes who believe in "666 theory" – Fsck off. For those who aren't on speaking terms with 666, meet him here.

I went around the Internet looking for information regarding 666 and came across a couple of sites which tried to "predict" who the Antichrist was, is or will be. These sites also tried to predict the nature of the mark. A small message to these sites : fsk off.

What all these sites had in common was this – they all tried to blame technology for the Apocalypse, whenever it might decide to wake up from it's quintillion year slumber. Some said that the Mark will be a chip embedded in the person's skin, or a tattoo on the skin of the person. Some said the Mark might be a credit card number, for witout the mark none can buy or sell. Some tried to blame the Internet and call it the beast (yeah, suck my ass). I have one BIG message for these people : fsk off.

The story is fake, fiction, fantasy. Nothing is true. In fact, nothing in any of the religious texts is true. Science still hasn't proved how somebody can walk on water, fly or make boulders float on water by writing somebody's name on them. They're all just big stories written to keep ignorant people under control, and are quite irrelevant in today's world. If anyone believes them, then he's a complete asshole. Apocalypse has been predicted by so many people so many times, but it has as yet failed to show it's face anywhere. So, people of Earth (and those living in 666Land), sleep in peace. The Devil has better things to do than practice arithmetic on people's hands and foreheads.


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One Response to The Number of the Beast

  1. schizo says:

    hehe….nice way of putting it!!

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