Two more days.

FiFa World Cup 2006 Germany

Just two more days remain for the greatest, the biggest, the mightiest show on earth to begin. The final preparations are being made for the FIFA World Cup 2006. FIFA has allowed players to be replaced only upto 24 hours before the starting of the event. Will Sven Goran Ericsson replace Rooney? All these questions will be answered in a few hours time.

Its estimated that 5 billion people will watch the show. Thats more than two thirds the population of earth. Since the matches will be streamed online and you can watch them here . Some weirdos predict that this might cause a global Internet meltdown. Internet Meltdown my arse.

Regarding the teams and players, the hottest news is that Rooney is recovering well and will undergo a scan today. Surely, he wont play the opening match. Crouch will be in the starting eleven. Ronaldo has said that he is fit and is now looking forward to play. Argentina's sensation Lionel Messi is fit and played in a game 2 days ago. He is also a star to watch out for.

People, hold your breaths, get your beer ready and pack your wives off to their momma's house. The World Cup is on!

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